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Metallica S&M2 Trailer
Aug 28 DVD/CD/Vinyl Release of legendary 2019 concert in SF
"All Within My Hands"
from Metallica S&M2 (orchestration/arrangement: Coughlin)
"Moth Into Flame"
from Metallica S&M2 (orchestration/arrangement: Coughlin)
"We Got Annie" (from Annie Live!)
arr: Zane Mark; orch: Coughlin
"NYC" (from Annie Live!)
orchestration: Coughlin/Lang
"The Hard Knock Life" (from Annie Live!)
orchestration: Coughlin/Lang
"Something Was Missing" (from Annie Live!)
orchestration: Coughlin/Lang
War Paint ("Back On Top")
Frankel/Korie (CD promo)
War Paint Medley
Frankel/Korie (CD promo)
NYE with Darren Criss and the SF Symphony
(Joni Mitchell's River)
(arrangement:Tim Akers; orchestration:Coughlin)
NYE with Darren Criss and the SF Symphony
(John Mayer's St. Patrick's Day)
(arrangement:Tim Akers; orchestration:Coughlin)
Knoxville (Video Teaser - coming 2021) Flaherty/Ahrens/Galati
Legendale (demos promo) Daly/Bienstock
Amélie (CD "making of") Messé/Tysen
Urinetown (London Revival promo) Hollmann/Kotis
Flamingo Kid (Hartford Stage promo) Frankel/Freedman
Hairspray (movie)
("Miss Baltimore Crabs") Shaiman/Whitman
Orchestration: Coughlin/Shaiman
Far From Heaven (CD "making of") Frankel/Korie
Bleeding Love (promo) Doran/Bacon (Denmark) (in Danish)
Giant (CD "making of")
LaChiusa (Addl Orchestrations: Hochman)
Sense and Sensibility (promo)
Paul Gordon
(Orch's: Coughlin/Hochman)
Guys and Dolls
(2009 TONY Awards)
Handheld mic saves the day!
Guys and Dolls (TV spot)
Broadway Revival 2009
Red Eye of Love (CD "making of") Sam Davis/Weinstein/Wulp
"The Revolutionary Costume for Today"
(Grey Gardens -- 2007 Tony performance) (Korie/Frankel/Wright)
"New York, New York" (PSA)
Broadway performers unite after 9/11
Esaura (promo)
John Bucchino (Denmark)
(in Danish)
The Grapes of Wrath
(TV promo - OTSL) Gordon/Korie
Morning Star (On Site Opera)
(Live performance B-roll) Gordon/Hoffman opera